About Onduline ®

Global leader in lightweight roofing solutions

Created in France in 1944, Onduline ® started out as a pioneer in lightweight composite roofing and under-roofing materials. Over the past half century, the group expanded rapidly across Europe and more recently, throughout South America, East Asia and North America becoming a global leader, achieving key innovations and acquisitions along the way. 


Today, Onduline ® develops high-performance products and award-winning solutions to more than 120 countries worldwide, with a keen focus on design, reliability, sustainability and user-friendliness.
With a robust international presence and close proximity to end-users, Onduline ® has been able to maintain not only a strategic footprint but also a solid understanding of its customers’ diverse roofing needs.

This is why Onduline ® is able to deliver attractive, reliable, comfortable and perfectly adapted and unique roofing solutions.


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