Bituminous membranes for waterproofing.


" BITULINE ® is a high quality


bitumen modified with polymers 


reinforced polyester


or fiberglass of different


 thicknesses. "







BITULINE ® membranes are manufactured using a state-of-the art technology equipment at a factory environment ensures homogenous waterproofing as well as integrity of materials in terms of quality which eliminates any insulation risks.



Thanks to the modified bitumen,insulation retains its flexibility even under very low temperatures, free of any cracks, while loosening rather late and thus maintaining its form under high temperatures. This is why BITULINE ® system may be used safely under any climatic conditions.




Residential      Collective










BITULINE ® is the ultimate waterproofing solution for all types of roofs and foundations.


“ We have researched the material we needed to use for waterproofing in our new apartment. We found out that BITULINE ® had the best quality and guarantee of perfect waterproofing. “ Hasan Kalaycı, 38 - Resident







BITULINE ® is ideal for waterproofing where earthquakes threaten livings due to the ground water activities that effect a building’s structural strength. 


“ We are living in an earthquake region. With the safety of waterproofing thanks to BITULINE ®’s quality, we do not consider ourselves in a threat of collapsing as a result of an earthquake. “ Murat,  27 - Mechanical Engineer






BITULINE ® ensures waterproofing even under high forces exerted on it’s layers.


“ We both have production bands and storage rooms at our factory. When fully loaded, our storage rooms apply too much pressure on the surface of our ground. BITULINE ® is able to withstand such pressures and as a result our waterproofing stays safe. “

Tamer Kurt,  51 - Production Chief






BITULINE ® has a variety of technical and mechanical choicesthat offer suitable applications for every kind of construction.


“ Our institute was built in a harmony where sidings needed to be the same color with the roof. Weather conditions where our building is located forced us to have a perfect waterproofing solution in order to operate properly. BITULINE ® was our best option to meet the requirements of the weather conditions and the architectural structure. “

İlhan Erdem, 45 - Chancellor






System BITULINE ® provides a completen waterproofing system where costs are kept low with no need of maintenance or reapplication processes.


“ Commercial buildings aim to lower costs and increase sales to earn the highest amount of profit possible. BITULINE ® came in handy where our costs related with maintenance is kept at the lowest possible level regarding waterproofing. “

Fırat Topçu,  46 - Administrator


Characteristics & accessories

Prima Series Membranes



The “Prima” series consist of plastomeric membranes modified with “Atactic Polypropylene” (APP). BITULINE ® Prima membranes are in compliance with the cold and warm weather conditions of mild climate zones (minimum -5°C) offering economic and reliable waterproofing systems with a wide spectrum for different types of buildings. Minimum 150 gr/m² of polyester reinforcement are used in “Prima” PP series and minimum of 50 gr/m² of fiberlass reinforcement are used in “Prima” PG series.




















Bituline AstarBITULINE® Primer

High quality non - ionic bitumen emulsion

produced in accordance with TS113.


Packing: 17 kg Net metal tin.







Aluminium Z-Profile (for finishing details)


Length: 300cm

Package: 10 pieces / bundle